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Updates on Nursing KAMP - New ICU & ER Book!

Some member have been asking what I have been working on and gosh, there is so much going on! Ill make an additional Blog post to cover the new stuff, though this is a quick overview of the new items.

  1. I have been working diligently on next edition of my ICU Drip flip book which should be out by May 1 and be available on Nursing KAMP. This will be an expanded version of the previous book that will include more gtt's, hemodynamics, devices, acls and IV MEDs.

  2. The Advanced Clinical KAMP book has been updated as well with over 12 new pages

  3. SBAR Book with just SBAR's is new and can be found on my etsy shop.

  4. New Badges on my etsy shope though keep on the look out for the blog post and ways to win!

  5. ER Book in progress! See future blog post for updates!

  6. My Nursing School Planner was completed as well!

I have completed the ACLS section which has all algorithms code cart reference and CODE Medications to Include Antidotes. which will be included in the NEW ICU and ER BOOK I am working on as well!

Currently these are the pages that I am working on and in comparative research and progress phases of the ICU Book:


Clotting Cascade



If you have any suggestions for the upcoming ICU or ER book please let me know! I love suggestions! just message me on here via the chat section.

Today, I Just finished this Balloon Pump Page! that is included in the ICU Studysheet section of the site.

And part of the HEMO SECTION of the book.

What an exciting time to be and become a member, If you aren't a member why not join today and get this and more with your membership!

Be Well and Nurseon!

Kevin- I am Nursing KAMP

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