Mastering Nursing

This Page includes the tips I use in my clinical and practice to get the students preceptee's out of the book and to start critical thinking.

Mastering Nursing School Reporting 

Video 1 - I explain how to give report in a method I developed calls SHAMLDC3 

Video 2 - I explain The Statistics portion of the SHAMLDC3 reporting method.  

Video 3 - I explain AWHALES and the process behind exploring most tested areas of medications

Video 5 - I explain ALLEAPPS in relation to understanding the most important aspects of procedures

Video 5 - I explain how to study around Questions and use them in study groups

Video 7 - I explain how to break away from content and apply it critically to my clinical Conceptual KAMP C

NCLEX KAMP Nursing Student Question Mast

This is the 4 Square Method and ASLEAPPS, ALLEAPS, AWHALES discussed in the videos. 


This is the Conceptual KAMP studysheet discussed in the videos. 

This is the Symptomology KAMP studysheet discussed in the video. 

This is the Top 200 Medications Prescribed as discussed in the video.