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Mastering Lab Fishbones

In this video course I cover all of the fishbones used in practice and my course in regards to how to think about them, the values, and what is the most important aspects. This series is a companion to my CLINICAL KAMP book free with any membership.


Video-1-What is covered in the course.

Video-2-Why do we do the BMP Basic Metabolic Panel and its purpose.

Video-3-Mastering the numbers and rethinking lab values. 

Video-4-Understanding Hyponatremia and Hypernatremia Sodium

Video-5-Understanding Hyperkalemia and Hypokalemia Potassium

Video-6-Understanding Hypochloremia and Hyperchloremia Chloride

Video-7-Understanding Bicarb

Video-8 Understanding BUN/Cr Blood urea nitrogen and Creatinine Kidney Labs

Video-9(PENDING) Understanding Hypoglycemia nd Hyperglycemia Glucose