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New Pages for the ICU Drip Flip Book!

Working on some more pages for the ICU Drip Flip Book.

These can be found in the ICU/CCU Section of study notes on

New Topics Covered are CRRT & Stroke

CRRT- Since machines are different depending on location I focused on the types of CRRT and the mechanics of the machine and delivery of different modalities. Continuous Renal Replacement treatment is a complex topic requiring two pages of the new book hope these provide a quick reference.

STROKE- I included the algorithm and Inclusion and exclusion criteria and some anatomy since memorization of the Circle of Willis and branches are often forgotten unless it is used regularly these will also be included in the ICUKAMP Drip Flip Book and the ERKAMP Blue book to be out soon.

Do you have a topic that should be added to the New ICU book or ER KAMP Book post your comment below! If, I include your idea for a page you will get the book free when it comes out!

Nurseon - Kevin- Nursing KAMP be that nurse!

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You should include information on EVDs with ICP waveforms, S/S of decompensation and interventions for high ICP.

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