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Metabolic VS Respiratory Acidosis

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

The basic concept with acidosis is as the PH goes LOW the Patient exhibits slow like symptoms except for a HIGH K which has High Potassium ECG Symptoms

Acid buildup is regulated by the kidneys so patients with kidney problems DKA or Renal Failure ,will show signs of acidosis since they lack retention of HCO3 and the ability to maintain acid base balances.

Acid can also be regulated by respirations so an Increase respirations can causes a loss of acid or alkalosis in hyperventilation conversely a decrease respirations causes an increase of acid rentention causing a build up of acid. Anything that may affects breathing will affect acid–which includes–  B-CAP  -Bradypnea- COPD-Atelectasis-Pneumonia

In this study sheet I cover this Concept- If you think of the presence of of acid in the vesssels will cause vasodialation which attributes the flushing of skin and low blood pressure and headaches.

By thinking of slow symptoms you should be able to grasp this often difficult concept.

A flushed kiss is Metabolic Acidosis- Flushed Skin and Kussmaul

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