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IVMB IVP Meds to Know ACLS and Drips

Just wanted to get people updated on the recent things I have been been working on over the holidays.

The advanced med surg clinical KAMP Book

I am including IVMB and the IVP that are often used on a med surg PCU floor It will probably have 4 additional reference pages with a CODE page to include CODE meds and basic BLS maybe a couple ACLS not sure since the printing cost are high right now.

Here is the 1st page completed

This will be available in the

ICU Drip Flip Book - ICU members have received this book a little pocket icu book which has alot of drips used in the ICU I have been working on condensing the book to make it waterproof but having over 120 pages is to costly so keeping it under 60 pages is ideal.

If you have been following my social media channels you probably saw the new badges as I have added a bunch of new ICU badges and a New PEDS ER badge on toxic medications. These are located in the Membership areas and free with your membership.

If you are not a member sign up today and Nurseon!!

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