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The Yeti-C the order of the Clotting Cascade


ly finished my clotting cascade cheat sheet for the New ICU Book coming out. The clotting cascade is an important physiological process to be understood when dealing with sepsis or bleeding in general.

Many of our patients are on anticoagulants that effect some part of the clotting cascade be it, direct thrombin or Xa inhibitors. Understanding the basics of this physiological process is an important part of the art of nursing.

It starts with the YETI-C order of the clot-

I plan on making a video on this once I finish the book so keep an eye out for it.

Here is the Study Sheet at first glance it is alot to take in but once you get immersed in the process it become clear and it all starts in how to draw it.

DRAW the Y First then Start at the

Top of the Sheet and Work Down

So - "You Start In with TEN then Exit with 7 PETS"

If you aren't a member now is a great time to join! Elevate your practice and Nurseon!


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