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To Intubate or Not that is the Question!

At a recommendation of a Member I put together this General overview of Intubation and weaning parameters.

Since, Patients that require intubation will require a ventilator to manage the Respiratory Failure. Once Intubated the patient is set on a Initial Ventilator settings according to the comorbidity then another ABG is drawn to see what adjustments need to be made to the vent. Management of Ventilator care is done by nurse through interventions included in the “Vent Care Bundle” this will prevent further complications. Regular ABG’s will be drawn according to policy and once stabilized the patient is moved from different less controlling modes to more patient initiated modes ultimately weaning the patient off the vent.

If you ever have a request do not hesitate to ask and I will put it on the list of upcoming study sheets. This will be included in My Pulmonary Flash Pack- All the pulmonary study sheets on 4x6 cardstock cards for studying.

Nurseon- Nursing KAMP

PS any errata don't hesistate to contact me via messenger on the site!

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